Here are a few examples of the many cases where Andrew accomplished new Maximum Price Thresholds! 

11130 Sherwood Forest Glen, 77043   

We listed this executive townhouse at $329K, which was 30% higher than what the Comparable values suggested!   And, in 52 days we had it sold at $302K - which was 17% higher than the closed sales in that complex in the prior 12 months.   

AND.. our starting price was 'SO HIGH' that a Buyer Agent sent me a very blunt email suggesting that I WAS CRAZY for thinking we could ever achieve our target price.  However, WITH full confidence based on our many efforts to properly prepare and present this home, we held our ground - and accomplished a new price threshold for this community!    (Full documentation of this case including that email is available.)  

4805 Brian Haven, 77018

Listed at $448K, and sold at $425K; which was 15% higher per square foot than the prior 12 months sales in this subdivision. 

AND what was particularly notable about it is... a prominent realty brokerage that had dominated this neighborhood for many years, TERMINATED one of their listings when they saw the price we had listed this house for, AND THEN two days later they re-listed their property again as Active with one of their other agents, at a HIGHER price AND then shortly after that they sold their listing at the higher price!  How amazing is that?!  (Full documentation of this case including all details above is available.)    

1444 West 43rd Street, 77018

Andrew was selected as the listing agent for this house after another Realtor had it listed for six months without any offers.  It's a great house, HOWEVER, it does not have a garage and it's directly on 43rd street which is a four lane street with traffic noise; so despite being a very livable house, it was NOT an easy sale.   

AND, the owners could not carry the mortgage payment on this vacant house forever as they had already moved to their next house - and to generate some cash flow the owners rented this house at HALF the market rent rate, and with all that to work with, Andrew was able to secure a buyer that paid very near the list price AND took the house with the reduced rental in place for the remaining eight months.   

THAT was not an easy sale to accomplish, and it took the full attention and effort of Andrew as the listing agent to do it. 

FOR example, Andrew worked a total of TWENTY FIVE open houses here, over the four months that it took for this house to sell!   THAT'S the type of dedication and effort it takes, and Andrew will put in a full effort, every time, so YOU can also Achieve Maximum Value!  

5008 Gibson, 77007

At that time, this was the highest price ever achieved for the sale of a "Tin House" here in Houston.  (The 'Tin Houses' were townhouses constructed with a sheet metal exterior - which reduced construction costs but also caused buyers to expect that the resale price should be lower than it would be if there were a different exterior such as stucco.) 

We listed it at $319K and sold it at $285K in 45 days - which also underscores the crucial point that, to Achieve Maximum Value, you have to start at a price that's a bit high (but NOT too high) AND also allow for some number of days on market.   

The IDEAL range of days-on-market for Maximum Value is 21 - 45 days, with UP to 90 days or more sometimes needed; AND thus it's pretty odd that there are ads on TV for Realtors who are bragging about selling a house in TWO days for some amount ABOVE the list price.  Huh? 

IE, in that case, they should have priced it higher AND allowed more days on market to capture ALL the potential $$$ value!  

(A detailed narrative of this case from the Seller herself can be seen in the 'Make Ready' video on the Home page here.) 

2303 Saxon, 77018

This was not a Maximum Price Threshold, but rather a great example of a tough case where we managed to achieve the highest price this house could possibly bring!   The house was listed by another agent for 120 days with no luck at all - which was surely due to the extremely poor presentation. 

SUCH AS, one of the newly installed windows was totally busted out by a BB hole through it, which could easily give any buyer the idea that there was a crime problem in the neighborhood.  Plus, the rehab contractor had left construction debris in the garage. 

It's Andrew's opinion that any listing agent has an absolute DUTY to rectify issues like this immediately!   And, after doing exactly that, plus proper staging and proper photos and a narrated video tour and weekly open houses - we had a buyer in 45 days at a price the seller was very happy to achieve.   (A statement from the Seller with the full history of this case is available.)  

711 Main Street, Unit 802, 77002

The price per square foot of $225 as achieved on this sale, was 20% higher than the average price per square foot of the units sold in this building that year.  And, this is another case where Andrew's crew did extensive make ready work prior to the listing.  

101 South Pine, 77591

The price we achieved on this small house was $97 per square foot -- which was TWICE the average price per square foot of any house with similar square footage that had sold in that area for the year before and after this sale.  This is also an example of a case where Andrew's crew did extensive make ready work prior to the listing.   

Here's what it looked like BEFORE and AFTER:  

And Please Note - while we cannot expect a new "Threshold Level" sale every time, the point is - Andrew brings the necessary mentality to the project; which is crucial since the FIRST step toward Achieving Maximum Value is for the Listing Agent to be fully motivated to do so, with the necessary skill level to accomplish it!!

It's also important to mention that we cannot MANUFACTURE value where it otherwise doesn't exist, and most certainly our proper efforts to sell a property for what it's FAIRLY WORTH does not mean that the buyer is going to overpay for it!   And, the lender's appraisal will have to come back at or above our contract price or it will never close.